Sofia Curriculum Mapping is now available on G-Cloud13

We’re delighted to announce that Sofia Curriculum Mapping will be available to procure via the G-Cloud 13 framework this month (November 2022)

Improving Curriculum Governance with Sofia

From yearly faculty reviews, to in-depth scrutiny and sign-off policies, how do you ensure you can carry out your governance procedures effectively, and without heavy administration?

Creating Seamlessly Integrated Student Journeys With Sofia

Curriculum mapping offers a fantastic opportunity for your institution to add additional value for your students, providing them with easy oversight of their studies in an informative and insightful manner.

Mapping Your Curriculum to the New Pharmaceutical Standards

Now more than ever before, pharmacists are playing a key role in the delivery of care to clinical patients and the general public. Crucially, this change has been recognised by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

Meeting the Requirements of the MLA with Curriculum Mapping

What does the incoming Medical Licensing Assessment mean for medical study programmes in universities across the UK?

How Does Your University Prepare to Implement Curriculum Mapping?

Starting a curriculum mapping project can be a tricky business, and it can feel like a bit of a minefield knowing where to start and how much to take on.

How Curriculum Mapping Can Help Dental Schools

Sofia offers a tech-driven solution for analysing and improving curriculums through mapping software

Curriculum Mapping in Veterinary Education

Curriculum mapping is a key means for veterinary schools to ensure that their courses meet demanding standards for education and training

Mapping a Route to NMC Approval

Meeting the standards using Sofia

Tailor Your Curriculum with Ease

Looking for Better Control of Your Curriculum?

Making Revision More Effective

Help Your Students Revise More Effectively

Unique Learning Perspectives

Gain insight with high- and low-level views of your curriculum

Pulling Your Bunches

How to schedule assessments to avoid overburden

How Curriculum Tools Can Help

In the era of subject-level Teaching Excellence Framework

Keeping Everyone Happy

What your stakeholders need

Digital Revolution

How new tech can improve the learning experience