Creating Seamlessly Integrated Student Journeys With Sofia

Curriculum mapping offers a fantastic opportunity for your institution to add additional value for your students, providing them with easy oversight of their studies in an informative and insightful manner.

The ability to effectively map your curriculum is vital to your organisation. It gives universities and colleges an invaluable means of tracking changes to the curriculum and monitoring learning outcomes against educational standards and examination expectations.

Yet the use of a curriculum map goes well beyond organisational benefits. In fact, it offers a fantastic opportunity for your institution to add additional value for your students, providing them with easy oversight of their studies in an informative and insightful manner.

That is why Sofia’s latest feature focuses on improving the user experience for students - taking the next step in creating a seamless, integrated learning experience for students.

Pooling Your Learning Resources in One Place

A singular, digital student experience can be a powerful tool. Not only does it help your institution keep vital oversight over every stage of your curriculum, it also helps your students understand exactly where they are on their educational pathway, and where they’re heading.

And Sofia’s new feature makes this even easier. By enabling embedded links to external learning resources to be assigned at any level, students are able to instantly visualise any materials associated with a module, event or even single outcome in one click.

Imagine, for instance, you have a video presentation, or a recording of a lecture, and you want to make sure students not only have easy access to the material, but they also understand exactly the purpose of the presentation and what they should expect to get out of it.

By using the embedded link in Sofia, you can achieve exactly that - pooling all your resources and outcomes in one location.

Embedding Sofia into the Digital Learning Experience

Crucially, this integration can also work the other way around.

For example, your school may well have a large repository of learning materials hosted on a VLE, and while you’ve embedded the associated links into Sofia for easy oversight, you want it to work the other way around as your students may be more used to logging onto the VLE.

With one click, Sofia now provides an embed link for each learning outcome, allowing you to easily drop the link into your VLE’s rich-text area and connect any learning resource to its outcome. Crucially, Sofia links auto-update year-on-year, reducing maintenance to almost zero.

Moreover, Sofia makes it possible to take this even further. Using the tool’s API connection, Sofia can make your curriculum data available to a host of other systems. When linked together, this enables real-time updates between the two systems, meaning any changes to outcomes in Sofia are automatically updated in your other digital tools.

Creating an Integrated Student Journey

There’s no doubt that students value transparency. They want - and need - to know where they stand, where they are able to access support and guidance, and what resources they need to get the most out of their learning.

Deciding to take the next step in education can be a daunting one, and by signing up with your institution, they are trusting that your course is the one to deliver the best possible education for them.

Earning that trust doesn’t need to be an uphill battle. With Sofia, you have the power to deliver a seamlessly integrated student journey with the click of a button.

For more details, or help understanding how you can make the most of Sofia’s latest features, contact the Sofia team today.

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