Visualising common themes and topics

  1. Select Explore icon
  2. Select blue icons to expand explore items
  3. See white icons represent the end of a tree
  4. Select Add Filter
  5. Select Specialty option
  6. Select Endocrinology sub option
  7. See the pathways for items with a 'Specialty' of 'Endocrinology' are highlighted
  8. Expand highlighted pathways
  9. Select Add Filter again
  10. Select MBBS Domain option
  11. Select Diagnosis sub option
  12. See the pathways for items with an 'MBBS Domain' of 'Diagnosis' highlighted in different colour
  13. Expand highlighted pathways
  14. Select an explore item
  15. See diverted to the item within the Browse view (note: Diversion is to Browse or Clinical view depending on the item selected)
  16. Select to go Back and see filters have been retained
  17. Zoom in on explore tree
  18. Drag to scroll explore tree
  19. Zoom out on explore tree
  20. Remove filters
  21. See highlighting disappears
  22. Collapse the expanded parts of the explore tree