Supporting differential diagnosis skills

  1. Select Clinical icon
  2. Select Presentations view
  3. De-select default year filters to show all Presentations
  4. Scroll to see entire list
  5. Filter results using the Presentations search field ('abd' entered)
  6. Filter the results further by selecting Year 3
  7. Select a Presentation
  8. See associated Conditions, Presentations and Classifications displayed to the right
  9. Select an associated Condition
  10. See the selected Condition is added below the Presentation on the left
  11. See a list of associated Learning Outcomes are displayed on the right
  12. Select the 'Note' icon
  13. Add some text and Save the Note
  14. See Note saved message
  15. Add an attachment and click Save
  16. See Attachment uploaded message
  17. Select the Learning Outcome
  18. See you are navigated to the selected Learning Outcome
  19. See added Note is displayed
  20. See uploaded Attachment is displayed