Searching the curriculum

  1. Select Search box
  2. Input search term
  3. See quick results panel
  4. See total hits
  5. See breakdown of results into areas
  6. Select Show all results
  7. See all results listed
  8. See results total
  9. Select Add Filter button
  10. Select a Year option
  11. Select a Year 1 sub option
  12. See list of results update
  13. See results total update
  14. Select Add Filter button again
  15. Select a Specialty option
  16. Select a Gastroenterology, Hepatology sub option
  17. See list of results update
  18. See results total update
  19. Remove the first Year filter
  20. See list of results update
  21. See results total update
  22. Select a result
  23. See diversion to the selected Learning Outcome
  24. Select Search box
  25. See previous search and filter retained and displayed as quick results within panel
  26. Select Remove Filters
  27. Select Search box again
  28. See quick results have updated to show full results again
  29. Select a result direct from the quick results
  30. See diverted to the selected Category within Clinical view (note: Diversion is to Clinical or Browse view depending on the item selected)