Reviewing and controlling changes

  1. Browse icon selected by default
  2. Select a Year
  3. Select a Theme
  4. Select the Add button
  5. Select the Learning Outcome option
  6. Complete the Outcome title
  7. Select the Add button
  8. See yellow change set banner is now present
  9. Select the edit icon alongside the Theme's description
  10. Input text
  11. Select the tick icon
  12. Select the Review Changes button
  13. See all changes displayed
  14. Select the Save button
  15. Input a Description and Details
  16. Select the Save Changes button
  17. Select the Activity icon
  18. See the saved change set at the top of the list
  19. Select the change set
  20. See details of change set displayed on the right hand side
  21. Select the Browse icon
  22. Select a Year
  23. Select the edit icon alongside the Year'le
  24. Update the text
  25. Select the tick icon
  26. Select a Theme
  27. Select the edit icon alongside the Theme'cher/lead
  28. Input text
  29. Select the tick icon
  30. Select the Review Changes button
  31. Select the Undo button alongside the first change item
  32. Select the Keep Editing button
  33. See the first change has been reverted
  34. Select the relevant Year
  35. See the second change is still present
  36. Select the down arrow button (next to the Review Changes button)
  37. Select the Revert All Changes option
  38. Select the relevant Year
  39. See the second change has been reverted