Adding public links and private notes & attachments

  1. Browse icon selected by default
  2. Select a Year
  3. Select a Theme
  4. Select the Add Link button
  5. Complete the Label and URL boxes
  6. Select the Add button
  7. Select the Add Note button
  8. Input text
  9. Select the Save button
  10. Select the Add Note button again
  11. Input text
  12. Select the Save button
  13. Select the Add Attachment button
  14. Select the Choose File button
  15. Select a file
  16. Select the Submit button
  17. Log out as the Editor user
  18. Log in as a Student user
  19. Select the relevant Year
  20. Select the relevant Theme
  21. Note the added link is present
  22. Select the previously added link
  23. Select back onto the initial browser tab
  24. Note the added notes are not present